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Color Options:
Dark Brown
Medium Brown
Honey Ombre
Honey Brown
Dark Red
Light Red
Summer Blonde
Ash Blonde
Golden Wheat
Blonde Ombre

Selected Color: Black

Your Lob never looked better. This 5 piece kit includes four individual pieces that gives you volume and length, while a top-piece gives extra volume at the root. Whatever the occasion, the Bob has a style for you. Use it all for a full, dramatic look, or curate the pieces to create a variety of different looks.

How to Care

Pieces come protected and straight - ready for you to style and make your own.

Step One - Open the easy to use clip and place them where you want the extra body or length.

Step Two - Press down firmly and you should hear a click...voila, you’ve been STYLD.

Step Three - Give them the same love as your own locks. Use water and style as you normally would. If cleaning is necessary, a little dry shampoo will freshen them up.  Traditional cleansing and treatments are rarely necessary.

Have wavy hair?

Lightly dampen and part in the direction you normally wear your hair.  Continue to “zush” until the texture is just right.

Have stick straight hair with a dramatic center?

Straighten hair as you do your own, center the top piece, snap, and done.  The same goes if you want a little extra curl or body. - simply brush through and style like you do your own hair.

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